Making it Convenient to Shop Locally

Our Mission

All Local is an online grocery store with the goal of providing fresh, quality, local food to the customer, while also supporting small farms and businesses within our community. 


“Shop Local” and  “Support Local Businesses” are phrases we hear and probably agree are great. Most people want to buy from the local bakery or eggs from the person down the road, but the conscious decision to “Buy Local” gets difficult when local products are not conveniently located in one place. After a busy day of work, most of us don't want to make three stops to buy bread, meat, and vegetables from local businesses, when we could just stop once at a chain grocery store.

Unfortunately, the products we buy at large grocery stores, usually don't originate from our community. All Local was developed to support small businesses in the community, while also bringing convenience to the customers. Now, people in Castroville and surrounding areas can buy local products all in one place, right here on this website. We will collect all the local products you select, package them, and deliver straight to your door. 

Advantages of Buying Local

  • Supporting Small Businesses and Farms instead of Large Corporations

  • Condensing our food supply chain to farms near-by will ensure food security 

  • Receiving fresh products, because goods won't need to be shipped long distances

  • Higher quality food verses mass produced 

  • Environmentally friendly: less gas and packaging used to deliver

  • Contributing to the local economy and encouraging farmers to continue their efforts to supply the community