4D Gourmet Coffee

4D Gourmet Coffee


Not only is this coffee high quality and locally roasted by a family-run business, it also supports a small community of farmers in Honduras!


4D coffee is a small business in Dunlay, TX and is owned by Ronnie and his wife, supporting their young family. The beans come from the Yerba Buena Mountain in Lepaterique, Honduras, and the coffee is roasted to order in small batches to assure peak freshness for the customer.


Ronnie’s wife is from Honduras, and he knows the farmers who grow the beans personally. Ronnie is a firm believer that the farmers and people involved in transporting the beans, are paid above fair wage. They have even set up a scholarship fund for the children of the farmers, so they are able to continue school after the 6th grade.


4D coffee is considered gourmet since the beans are 100% Arabica, which has a more robust flavor and is less bitter than inferior blended coffee. The beans are rated at an 84, which scores above 85% of the coffee in the world, and is grown at a high altitude, which attributes to the bean’s highly sought after flavor profile.